Sunday, October 28, 2007

Scanning, Release, Smart and Pumpkins, All in a Day's Work

We woke up even earlier today, for an early morning Release Life activity that Yu Huei has arranged, the very first following her participation at the First Annual Asia Pacific Rim Festival held two saturdays ago. The meeting time and place were 8am and the parking lots of Best Buy along Dale Mabry Highway, respectively.

The morning air was crisp, and the sun was hovering just below the roofline of Best Buy when we reached the rendezvous venue just before 8am. Several employees of Best Buy were seen driving into the parking lots, ready to report for duty. Birds were circling the air space above, two of them making a pit stop on top of the crests of the ubiquitous M, of MacDonald's that is.

The sun peeking over the roof of Best Buy, while several doors of our car were opened as a universal symbol of waiting and invitation to climb aboard, to participants of the Release Life activity that is. (More on the pinkish hue later)

We stand on the giant shoulders of Ronald so that we could ...

While waiting for another 15 minutes for any late comer to join us on this cool morning for this meritorious expedition, I did an environmental scanning, my faithful Canon Powershot A75 in hand, ready to capture any Kodak moment that would present itself, including those described above.

I have always wanted to capture the high wire act of a squirrel as it darts across a hanging power line. And my wish was answered today, a lesson for the acrophobia-stricken amongst us. In layman's parlance, that's the fear of heights, rational or pathological.

Yes, stick it to the air, Alvin dude ...

At the conclusion of the 15-minute extension, we drove to Ballast Point that overlooks Hillsborough Bay, the same number of people as we had started in the car. A strong breeze greeted us there. And the scenery was a nice change, from the terrestrial, or more like urban landscape, to a watery one. Anglers were spaced along the wooden jetty. On the land side, children, under the watchful eyes of the parents, were enjoying themselves at the playground. Further afield across the road, equestrians-to-be with jockey caps were astride horses, strutting around the track.

The hazy outline of the Tampa downtown across from us. The pinkish sky is an artifact of my camera lense malfunctioning, momentarily. But it does add to the panorama, don't you think?

A straight shot to the end of the wooden jetty taken before the pink intrusion was fixed, by a simple off-on operation.

Yu Huei went into a bait shop to purchase two bucketfuls of juveniles fish and shrimps. And the trio proceeded to the end of a short jetty next to the boat launch, me carrying two pails. Palms joined, Yu Huei and Wify started the usual Buddhist chant while I retreated landward to several vantage points to record the proceeding, pictorially. The small animals released soon blended into the Bay water, spending their remaining days free from captivity in accordance with nature.

The small animals saved today ...

Releasing life over water.

By way of Bayshore Boulevard, we stopped by the Old Hyde Park, reliving the old memories while we were South Tampa residents until April this year. It was not surprising that pumpkins were the main attraction at the fountain area since Halloween was just around the corner (on October 31). But the Smart fortwo, with the tagline "Open Your Mind", was. See for yourself.

The nimble 3-cylinder road "buggy" that starts at just under $12,000/= ...

Fountain, pumpkins, and the early birds.


Release Lives said...

It was very nice and refreshing trip we had today, I like it very much. the trip to the malls, and coffee, was very very cozy. It is such nice relax enviroment in that area.


Please keep up the good job. both of you.

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