Thursday, October 18, 2007

Ladies in Style, Old Style That is

Wify wanted to warm up for tomorrow's weekly arts lessons, after a week's break because the teacher, Mrs. Fan, had to attend to some personal matters. So she practiced on her own, drawing elegant Chinese ladies in traditional garb in various poses.

Earlier, she wanted to buy a special very fine tip Chinese brush that the teacher has, named the Red Bean Brush. The name is stamped on to the brush stalk in Chinese characters.

So we made an Internet search for Chinese bookstores but found none in Tampa. Then we chanced upon one in Orlando, but the number listed that we called ended up in some unrelated office. Not once, but twice.

Two weeks ago we visited a local Michael's Arts and Crafts, browsing through the offerings. And we came upon some brushes with fine tips. Though she was not sure whether those would meet her purpose as obviously those are made for western style painting, we bought them anyway. So it was kind of a D-day today.

The verdict: the brushes are up to the job, based on her assessment, as revealed in the products of her effort below:


Release Lives said...

They are all beautiful, I like the third one the most. Beekhoon sister, thank you for listening and advising on my problem. I appreicated it, and I will learn to be more wiser and think more clearly in life.

drawing is beautiful. :-)

Kitty Girl said...

Oh!!! They look like the covers of expensive mooncake boxes!

Say Lee said...

They do, don't they? So cards, mooncake box covers. What else?