Friday, October 19, 2007

Plum Blossoms

My head nodding to the beat of the Rock and Roll styled Great Compassion Mantra, I started to write this blog that features plum blossoms, or the Mei in Chinese, the object of wify's arts lesson today.

The Mei has long been a popular subject in Chinese arts and painting. It thrives best in winter when all other flowers wilt in the face of the cold onslaught. Therefore, it is often used as a symbol of resilience, with strong survival instinct, defiant amidst the snowy landscape. Perhaps this ability to flourish in adversity is what has earned the Mei its status as the national flower of China.

The beauty of most flowers is boosted by leaves that seem to ring them like sentinels on guard. But not plum blossoms. Only bald branches that support them. Enjoy!


Release Lives said...

beautiful. I love the cheery flowers. :-)

Kitty Girl said...

Beautiful!!!!!!!! I want one!!!!!! Also--are plum blossoms the same as cherry blossoms?

Say Lee said...

I'm pretty sure they are different going by their chinese characters. Cherry Blossoms is commonly known as sakura.

Just read this on Wikipedia:

"the cherry blossom is a symbol of feminine beauty," unlike Mei, which stands for resilience.