Monday, October 16, 2006

From Butt to Bucs

Getting one’s own to read one’s blog, let alone comment, can be quite a demanding undertaking. Apparently no children like a dad who “spills his guts” in the open. Who knows, he may end up as a laughing stock, a juicy bit of fodder for after school banter or worse still, online gossip. So their reaction can range from one of feeling embarrassed to “That’s weird”.

So in my own way, I’ve been trying my level best to inject humor, to brag about their achievements, and to demonstrate PDA/PSA in order to get their attention. None worked. So I turned to reverse psychology, be an agent provocateur. Just read the comments on my previous blog, So You Think Only You Shop at WalMart, to see how that piece of brilliant strategy turned out.

But seriously, I know my children. They are all fine kids. I don’t have to resort to chicanery to find out how they feel about their old man’s blogging, or any other thing for that matter. Things may have been different a decade ago when they were young and didn’t know better. But as young adults today, they certainly have come of age. So this pleasant surprise has been a long time in the making.

The Bucs finally broke the Duck. While I have yet to become a full-blooded Bucs fan, I guess I have to root for the hometown team anyway. I watched the last few minutes of live telecast of the Bucs-and-Bengals’ game where it mattered the most. Boy was I glad I watched the game then as Clayton’s touchdown, his entire body levitated just inches above and parallel to the ground with his hand fully extended with the football just beyond the goal line, was almost dreamlike. And then I was at the edge of my seat during the entire last 35 seconds when the Bengals threatened to advance within field goal range. So that’s a pleasant surprise to the nth degree bordering on ecstasy even though I thought the Bucs should have won last week at New Orleans when Bruce Gradkowski had a near flawless game.

Oh, PDA/PSA = public display/show of affection, a no-no for today's kids. It's so very uncool.


CY said...

I feel so used!!! Just an experiment... Unbelievable, Dad!!! Unbelievable!

Say Lee said...

Don't be. Just preparing you for life's many challeges, some more dubious than others.

CY said...

(I was just joking. Sort of.)