Sunday, October 29, 2006

From Global to Local

I chanced upon this blog, One at all-Project, while I was taking in my daily dosage of 3BT.

  • The purpose: one single person from each country. The most different cultures on planet talking about everything.

  • The rule: If your country is represented, hard luck, but you still can comment. Also, a new topic is decided by majority poll of the members every Friday.

  • The fun: a hilarious way to learn of the varying cultures of earth’s inhabitants.

  • The Encouraging Part: Only 26 countries are represented so far at last count. So the vacancy is more than 85%. I would say the odd is quite good, especially if you're from the far-flung places of the world.

So what are you waiting for?

Switching gear, this is a potential Three-peat, but over three consecutive days as opposed to the heydays of the LA Lakers in the 1980s and Chicago Bulls in the 1990s when both won the coveted NBA (read WORLD) Championships three years in a row.

But this is my version, a vicarious one. First, on Friday night, HB Plant High School beat Jefferson HS 17-13 in a thrilling high school football (the American one) game here at Tampa, winning the Hillsborough District Championship. As a parent of two Plant High students (one of them ex), I’m happy for the school.

Yesterday, the Gators overcame the Georgia Bulldogs in a much awaited clash at Jacksonville, 21-14, in a college football game. Being an UF Alumnus and the proud parent of a Gator, I’m glad for my alma mater too.

Then the Bucs will be facing off with the NY Giants at NY today. I live in Tampa and so it makes sense to root for the Bucs, who is making a nice turnaround since going 0-5 in the first 5 games of the season.

I heard some part of the first game over the AM radio but did watch the highlight at the 11pm newscast. I watched the last 3 minutes of the Gators-Bulldogs live telecast when the outcome was already settled, perhaps not in the mind of the Bulldogs fans. So I think I will watch the whole Bucs-Giants game today, barring any last-minute outing dictated by my wife.

So Go Panthers, Go Gators, and Go Bucs.

I woke out at 6.45am this morning, according to my bedside clock. Then while I was working on my computer, I noticed the computer clock was showing one hour early. Then it hit me. I’m supposed to set back the clock one hour last night.

Yipee, I have one extra hour to blog today.

That completes my daily dosage of pleasant surprises for the day, the chronicled ones anyway. And you know what, the day just got started …

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