Saturday, July 11, 2009

Some photograph to remember ...

With my camera that is, and sung to the tune of “... some dance to remember, some dance to forget ...” the inspiration having struck as The Eagles was belting out Hotel California from my car radio, courtesy of Magic 94.9, while I was part of the morning commute along I-275 on a drizzling morning.

The target: the seemingly timeless Times Square of NYC during our last trip to the Big Apple, in the company of two really nice folks from Upstate, John and Gloria. Hitherto, the only sight we have of Times Square is on TV, during the traditional New Year Countdown, the arrival of which is signified by the dropping of the sparkling Waterford Crystal Times Square New Year's Eve Ball (seriously, I did not know the name until I accessed here) at One Times Square, the air filled with the chorus of Auld Lang Syne, a collective farewell bidding to the year just past.

This time though, it is for real, captured in my Nikon Coolpix L100, a Father Day's gift from CY and Brian, as we navigated through the milling crowd, the square grid of streets, but safe on the wide pedestrian pavements that abut these busy streets.

Times Square, to me, is BillBoard City, the electronic and animated, but silent kind, a real feast for the eyes and a marvel of human ingenuity, portraying visual messages in its simplicity. Enjoy these moments, frozen for eternity, then again, perhaps not quite.

How did we know it's Times Square? Because it said so here.

And here's the Ball, just above 2009, presumably reinstated to its original position after the countdown.

The M-Kong, doing a chocolatey imitation of the King Kong.

The river seems to be about to cascade over the building.

Even Albert Einstein has to have a piece of the action.

Whatever it takes to have a vantage shot.

A vantage shot of the Flags of the Nations from the upstair floor of NBC News. The Malaysian Flag is somewhere in that.

Anybody can tell me which God is that according to Greek Mythology, seemingly presiding over the sea of knowledge? Poseidon? Tritan? Hermes? Athena?

I chanced upon the identity of this sculpture, Prometheus, while looking up the Internet for the one in the previous image.

A divine messge with earthly repercussions?

This message is more down to earth, from the World's local bank.


Hilton said...

Nice pics, Say!

Say Lee said...

Thanks, Hilton.

c.y. lee said...

I assumed that Greek god was Zeus--I highly doubt it's Athena, ahem. The amount of billboards there is CRAZY!!!!!! And some of them seem very awkwardly placed... The better for people to notice, I suppose.