Tuesday, July 21, 2009

More vignettes of life's moments

Selecting the pictures, cropping, and combining them to project a fresh perspective, and captioning them can be both a creative and fun-filled exercise, while preserving traces of life as it weaves through our life. The world out there is the target, no agenda, no interference, no judgment, just passive observance. Whatever it conjures up is plainly personal, a passing thought, a blip on the beta-wave, and then it is archived for later retrieval, when the next wave of recognition hits, launching a chain of thought and adding to the memory store.

Inanimate objects, animals, outdoor scenes, the cloud formation, the urban sprawl, the rustic setting, the azure sky, the turquoise sea. All are game for the digital capture.

A row of stripped down plants next to the road leading to Key Largo backed by another row of mechanical construct, the pylons or towers that support the power lines. One seems lifeless while the other serves to sustain life, or rather, life's amenities.

Peek-a-boo, the jawfish style, as seen in the aquarium in John D. Pennekamp Corals Park at Key Largo.

Spirally shells on display at the same aquarium. You can use my reflection for size.

Two birds or one? These two are actually the same bird. It is able to be at two different places, though proximate, at the same time is my doctoring/morphing effort, combining two pictures into one.

This is more conventional, a mosaic of four different shots of palm trees that dominate the streetscape in Miami.

It's a bird. No, it's a plane, seemingly skimming over the water at Miami Beach.

Yup, the smart car with an attitude.

Dandy flowers on our table at La Rosa Restaurant, Miami.

For a fee that is. Seen on Ocean Blvd, Miami Beach. There are ride-me bikes, the human pedaled kind, as well.

A mirage? Sort of, being a reflection from our car's windscreen while Wify was taking a shot in the moving car.

Why is it shaped like a ship anchor? That's the question.

Miami's cityscape, sprawling like little boxes.


Lee Wei Joo said...

Interesting, fun-filled experience!

c.y. lee said...

Ah!! Some really nice pictures here-- I especially like the last one, and the one of the low-flying aircraft with the man in the sea watching it (probably hoping it didn't land on his head--hahaha). That's a funny one of the fish, with its head poking out of the ground--an opposite of the ostrich! And--ho-ho, I am impressed with the same bird/dual locations picture! I myself, while I tweak my photos for color balances, typically shy away from that kind of doctoring. It looks real, though! I also like the palm tree montage. Have been seeing more and more Smart cars here--they are so cute! I really like them.