Thursday, June 14, 2007

A Touch of Green

I’m proud to present the second series (read here for the first) of wify’s water color painting: a touch of green that spells lushness, vigor, with a dose of red for vibrancy. What a way to spend an evening, relaxing and yet focusing, letting the mind roam free in search of that exquisite stroke, that magnificent dabble, and that fluid flow of creative expression.

As you can see, I'm better with words, not spoken though as I tend to say what comes to my mind first, kind of uncensored if you will. But writing affords one the opportunity to think things over, not necessarily to alter the gist of what needs to be said, but rather to couch it in amiable terms, i.e., right speech as one the Eight Noble Paths.

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Kitty Girl said...

Ah, yes. I kept meaning to comment on the paintings. Or rather, compliment! Are these now hanging up on the walls? I particularly like the second and third ones, the third one looking full of holiday cheer (red & green). Has Mom done any more paintings? Very beautiful!! Good job, Mom!! :D