Tuesday, June 05, 2007

An Artist is born, or surfaces rather

I’ve long known that wify has a talent for drawing and painting, which seems to come naturally to her. I’ve tried to cultivate the same artistic expression, but realized early on that this is one arena of human creativity where nurture takes a distant back seat to natural endowments.

For one reason or another, basically laboring over the needs of our home and its inhabitants, she has not given time to developing further her innate drawing/painting ability, save for some brief stints (actually I can only recall once) of taking up some arts classes here and there.

When I first started this and the other blogs, her drawing began to find an outlet, a conduit, through which we could share her creations, earning her some accolades in the process.

These past weeks I noticed that she has been stocking up on arts supply: paint brushes, color tubes, sketch books, books on painting, etc. And I waited patiently for that sudden burst of effusive brilliance, that ripe moment when she decides to commit her mind to paper. I could have egged her on but decided that she would be the best judge of when she is ready. And today turns out to be the day.

Here they are: in color, but drawn with a twist, a Chinese brush pen used in calligraphy. She has also several Chinese calligraphy pieces done a few days earlier (so I kind of know where the momentum was leading to), but she said to give her more time to make them presentable. Nobody can be a tougher judge than oneself indeed.

Drum roll please ...

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Kitty Girl said...

*oohs and aahs* I love the middle painting! Mom truly makes it seem effortless. More, please!!