Friday, June 08, 2007

Go with the heart!

Billy the D has realized none too late where his heart is: Gator Nation. This must be the quickest turnaround in the sometimes topsy-turvy world of professional sports where the lure of money is an integral part of the game. On paper one would think that Billy has made the rational decision, ascending to the next higher bracket of earning/compensation. Even in terms of challenge, that move is considered logical, rising to a higher challenge of dealing with so many egos characterized by highly complex group dynamics.

However, something was tugging at his heart, despite the promise of “money, money, money “ (in the manner of the ABBA’s vocal). And for his listening to his heart, the entire Gator Nation rejoiced. As eloquently put by Bernie in another email to all alumni and friends, “So it turns out Thomas Wolfe was wrong -- you can go home again. We're glad you're here, Billy.”

This is passion at its zenith, as embraced by Donald Trump, “Passion is enthusiasm on a big scale.” Sometimes analysis will only bring on paralysis, so listening to one’s heart, a gut feeling, while not a sure bet for achieving happiness, is as good as any guarantee against regrets. As Whoopi Goldberg’s character (as a singing nun) said in Sister Act (II?) to a school girl apprehensive of joining the school’s choir, “When you get up in the morning, and all you can think of is singing, then singing is for you.”

I guess Billy D was coaching the Gators in his dreams the day he signed with the Magic. And the rest is history as they said.

Go Gators!

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