Sunday, August 02, 2009

Picture-Perfect Memories

A picture diary is perhaps the best way to capture the sight (the sound will have to be self-generated in the mind as we have yet to invest in a videocam, talk about techno-phobia) bites of a road trip. The many frozen moments will help generate a memory-triggering trip in years to come, just when memory lapses will surely start to escalate.

Here then is another smargasbord of Nikon moments (wonder why it has always been the Kodak moments), documenting our trails to the Northeast, principally NYC, in recent months.

The Interior of the St. Patrick Cathedral, NYC, the pillar arrangement bestowing a profound sense of depth.

One of the many words of wisdom inscribed on plates affixed to the pavement surface somewhere in NYC. It pays to keep your head down and eyes on the road, literally. While taking the words to heart, don't be a smart alec, but rather a paragon of humility.

A disarmed torpedo on land, its size belying the tremendous destructive power packed into it while in service.

Turtle country, a great draw for environment-conscious tourists.

One of the many monuments conveying global messages that dot the landscape of the UN Plaza, NYC; this one with a twisted barrel symbolizing the call to cease wars.

Seen affixed to a lamp post along a street in NYC leading to the UN Plaza. I sought out this one that bears the Malaysian Flag.

Another monument (vertical tubes attached together at different heights) in the UN Plaza backed by trees with flat-top canopies.

A scene at Newark Airport as seen from a moving airtrain showing the Malaysian Airline System (MAS) logo behind that of a Virgin Airline with a line of crane gantries at Port Elizabeth (?) at the background.

The Macy Facade of rather intricate design seen in NYC.

The entrails of Grand Central Station. The view did not change much from a similar scene in the movie, The Curious Story of Benjamin Button (2008) starring Brad Pitt. Come to think of it, while the movie setting is the early and middle of the last century, it must have been shot in this century.

The Malaysian Flag fluttering in UN Plaza, NYC.

A sunny July 4th weekend in Washington DC, drawing a throng of visitors to the Reflection Pool and the Lincoln Memorial lying yonder.

Stacks of buildings surrounding Central Park, NYC, as seen atop the Empire State Building through Wify's camera lens, much like an oasis.

Two wash basins sharing the same drain pipe seen in a restroom at a rest stop along I-95.

Now, this is how you shoot from a moving airtrain, legs astride, body slightly prone, hand steady holding the zoom, no time even to put down the beg as the scene is fleeting.


Lee Wei Joo said...

Great Nikon moments there! A lot of fascinating and unique stuff. The last one of Mei is the best shot, director in the making!

c.y. lee said...

Ahahaha nice pictures, Dad... It was nice to relive our trip! I really loved all the places we went to. Thank you for bringing us all there!