Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Eureka Moment rooted in Purity

We have been planning to have a repeat of the Eureka moment that we felt more than a year ago. So a couple of months ago we came acalling, and was surprised to see the entrance barricaded on a bright sunny Sunday morning. On closer examination, we realized that it was our own folly for not checking ahead of time. The park had been closed for reconstruction and would be out-of-bound for the entire summer.

Two weeks ago, we were hit by the Eureka itch again, but this time we called in first, and was informed that the park has reopened. And we relived the Eureka moment this morning. We spent about an hour walking through the Eurepa Springs Park, following the gravel trail and boardwalk. The results of the reconstruction were not obvious to me; however, the expanse of lily pads was a huge surprise, teeming with water lilies of different hues and pads of different sizes that blanket the water surface with a lush green.

All in we took more than a hundred shots of the botanical galore, with a better camera (Nikon Coolpix L100) than before (Nikon Coolpix L11 at 3X digital zoom), especially with the close-up mode where the wide 15X optical zoom really comes in handy. And the various shots of the Water Lilies, the subject of today, bear testimony to the above claim. Thanks CY and Brian for the wonderful gift.

As always, Wify started the camera rolling by gracing the water lilies patch. Afterall, it's her exquisite taste of beauty and a keen sense of poise that come naturally to one who engages in the creative expression of drawing and painting that have led me up this garden path, to be taken literally and not metaphorically.

The water lilies sprouting haphazardly out of the uniform tapestry of green.

This scene is rather uncanny, being reminiscent of the legendary Grand Duke Jiang (the human form of a stump) fishing for whomever desires to be hooked, aka, a willing victim. Read the link to find out how he fished.

These and the following shots belong to the Water Liliies, in all its pristine milieux that do not detract from this symbol of purity (it seems that water lily is a common phrase that includes the lotus family as well, but there are distinct differences in appearance) enshrined in Buddhism.


Lee Wei Joo said...

What magnificent and wonderful photos of the dazzling and beautiful water lilies! Indeed the name fits the park well.

c.y. lee said...

Hohoho!!!!! You have some really nice pictures of the water lilies there, Dad!!! Very nice!!!!!! We are so happy you are using the giftie, and it's wonderful to see such lovely pictures come out of it!!