Sunday, December 23, 2007

Releasing Life Across the Ocean

We have been releasing life here at Tampa, under the able management of Yu Huei. Then an opportunity presented itself for an overseas endeavor when Bhante Dhammawansha made a trip back to Sri Lanka recently.

While this remains a vicarious experience, the compassion it engendered and the Dharma bliss it imparted, are no less contagious. It also marks the first time that the release life activity has involved a large animal, and not the usual petite beneficiaries that are only larger in number.

This time, it's a baby cow, released to be in the care of a farmer caretaker. And here are some photos, courtesy of Bhante, to commemorate the occasion.

The farmer, palms joined, was thankful for being bestowed the opportunity to do a wholesome deed. And the baby cow, with a touch of white mane on its forhead, seemed to be bowing its head in gratitude for the freedom to roam the rural landscape.

Bhante Dhammawansha, second from right, sitting atop a huge rock, eyes gazing into the distance, the luxuriant green as the backdrop, with his fellow Sangha members.


Release Lives said...

Thank you very much for spreading Release lives and Buddhism article and news with everyone.

It is the compassions, dedication and kindness of all of donor for release live to making this article happened.

Speical thank you to Bhante Dhammawansha for his helps, and for Beekhoon sister's great advise (it was her encourage me the idea), and all the donor to making this happen.

Say Lee said...

Glad to be able to contribute toward this noble deed.