Friday, September 28, 2007

Painting Galore

Today’s blog is all about wify’s painting efforts: some bamboos, some flowers. These were done before today, which was the occasion of the second of her painting class by Mrs. Fan. She believes there’s truism in the adage that practice makes perfect. So paint she did, but most of them were on sheets of computer papers larger than size A4, which is the largest paper size of my 3-in-1 scanner/printer/fax machine.

Some of the papers are flimsy and hence not amenable to roller feeding without further treatment. So they were cellophane-taped to printing papers at the top edge and one inch long sides just below the top, a determination based on trial and error. But the system is still not perfect as can be seen from some of the wrinkles noticeable on the scanned copies. A flat-bed scanner should yield better results but that's with Wei Teck at UF. Nonetheless they do display some unintended patterns that add diversity to the images.

Here are the handful that could be fed through my scanner. This is one instant when a picture speaks a thousand words, let alone six here. So any more word would be superfluous.

Here they are, in no particular order. Enjoy!


Kitty Girl said...

Beautiful!! I particularly like the two flower ones and the last two bamboo ones.

Release Lives said...

Me too, that's beautiful, you're so talent. I like the last two Bamboo drawing and I like the first flower. but all are great.

Thumb up~ good works. I love the Kwan Yin Pusa you draw, that was awsome, I can not believe you did that the first time. ^__^

Keep it up~

Yu Huei