Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Bamboo Painting

Through casual conversation, wify came to know that one of her friends has taken up Chinese brush painting for a couple of years. And the friend, Mrs. Fan, graciously accepted wify’s request to teach her painting. This morning was the first lesson, with another friend, Claudia, joining the “class”. The theme was bamboo, known for its resilience, uprightness bordering on nonchalance, and justifiably a favorite subject of Chinese brush painters. I have even googled some images of bamboo online to be used as samples in the class.

When I called home at noon, she sounded very excited, brimming with unrestrained enthusiasm. I can only imagine what a fabulous time she must have, at long last being able to indulge herself in doing the very things she enjoys, the things that have been put on the backburner for so long for the sake of our family. Upon reaching home from work this evening, she laid out her handiwork on the table for me to gloat. Of course I wasn’t the least bit surprised by her artistic talent, having known her for two-thirds of my life and counting.

I have scanned several of her bamboo drawings to share here.

The different shades of gray meshing together, the straight-edged leaves radiating in different directions, and the different segments of the bamboo demarcated by the gnarl-like joints.

A similar rendition but on a lightly-colored background, which contrasts well with the different shade of dark to give the illusion of depth.

The different hues of green seems to project another facet of bamboo, serene and carefree, and yet steadfast, anchored by the short spirals of joints.


Kitty Girl said...

Beautiful!!! Have them framed and put them up! In fact, I request one such painting for our apartment! :D

Yu Huei said...

They are just beautiful and refreshing...

all beautiful and this is my favorite in order:

1) somewhat I like the way bamboo looks, so simple but elegant.

3) I love the light green, really goes well,

2) not bad Lo.

Beekhoon sister has one of most beautiful heart I ever met, therefore, her works is a reflection of her heart.

thank you for being my sun. Beekhoon sister~ Your encouragements and being a good role model make big influence in my life.

Say Lee said...

That's only the first lesson. More to come in due course.