Friday, July 20, 2007

Old Photos, New Realizations

Time flies. You just have to look at some old photos to realize the truism of that simple statement. That’s what I did today, starting with some old photos my brother emailed from Singapore. Then I dug further, and found some old photos that my wife packed with the stuff when we moved here more than three years ago.

Actually I seem to recall seeing a black and white photo of me with my brother (another one). I think it must be taken in the late 50s, before I even started school. But it’s no where to be seen now. So I would spare you, especially my kids, the shock of seeing how cute Daddy was once upon a time.

Anyway, on with the old photos, thanks to the wonder of technology that makes freezing time a piece of cake.

This is the class of 1992/1993 at the HeadStart level that included my younger S, who was a wildcat, the mascot of the William Elementary School, Gainesville, FL.

This is the Universal Studio of yore, circa early 1990s. This might even pre-date the previous photo from the look of the baby stroller-bound kids.

And the Kennedy Space Center of yore. I think the Rocket Garden remains the same (see here for comparison).

OK, I forgot to change my story line. My wife actually went upstairs and located this photo. Me and my elder brother were standing in front of our old house in YongPeng, literally meaning "peace forever" in Chinese. The partial image of an adult to the right must be my Mom. Notice the table-top implement to the left. It's a horizontal grinder made from granite rock. I remember helping my mom making rice cakes using this implement to crush the mixture of rice and water. It has a circular opening at the top into which the mixture would go and by turning the top part of the grinder with a handle in a circular fashion, the mixture would be ground into a light paste that would flow radially into a ring groove that would in turn drain the paste into a filling bag to go on a stove or somethings. It was one of the quality times that I had with Mom.
And now it's our time to yearn for quality time with our own kids.


Kitty Girl said...

TEEHEEHEEHEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow!! You should protect the photo by framing it and putting it up!! Maybe you guys can have a section just for old, black and white photos! How amazing that fifty years ago BW photos were the norm! Which uncle is the one in the photo? Is that Unclee?

Say Lee said...

No, That's the YongPeng uncle. Actually UncLee went off to S'pore before he finished his primary school in YP (I think). I only saw him during school holidays until I moved to stay with him for two years for my High school in S'pore (but he was in the National Service then during my first year there).

I have more of those black and white photos taken during my secondary school days but they are back in Malaysia.