Monday, July 30, 2007

A New Blogger in the Family

We have a new blogger in the family, Dan. He would be sharing his thoughts, his ideas, and conspiracy theories (this I can't wait to read) through his writing, on a variety of issues that a typical (maybe not) American youth is facing. But I thought he would be also in a unique position to share with us his life’s journey, albeit it's just getting started, being juxtaposed in the confluence of the West and the East streams of values, outlooks, and philosophies.

But I must admit that my D is not exactly the bastion of Eastern culture, having spent a greater part of her life in US at various stages of her life. But we try our best to instill in her some of the fine traditions that we have embraced from our parents, through both word and deed. Things like filial piety, sibling harmony, family unity, respect for others, and more recently, compassion.

These values are actually universal, and are by no means the exclusive domains of Eastern families. The difference is perhaps the degree and the manner through which these values are expressed.

So this is the closest to the Ying and the Yang that we will ever get, which in our case here is more like the Yinn and the Yan (for Dan). And Dan’s is only one click away (on the left side bar) from here.

Have fun! I know I will.


Chea-Yinn said...

HAHAHA "Yinn and Yan(Dan)" huh?? Heehee Yeah, I'm really glad he's taken up blogging! His work is so physical that he needs something to work on mentally, and this is a good outlet for him to think and express his thoughts (otherwise my ears will never get rest! Just kidding). Well I have told him before that when we have kids, they are going to learn all the 'traditional' Asian values, such as the ones you mentioned above. And who knows, maybe May or Dee will end up with a person of a different race, too! Or Koh. I myself have not experienced any drastic culture shock, but then again I have lived here a lot, too, and also, I think Asian kids are generally 'Westernized' nowadays.

Say Lee said...

As I said, first think to write, then write to think. I can see that he is articulating his views well.

However, the challenge is always to sustain the effort. Remember the Malay proverb "hangat-hangat tahi ayam"?