Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Sunset over and under the Gulf of Mexico

Watching sunset, especially at the horizon, unencumbered by terrestrial obstructions, is an activity that requires the observer to be at the edge of a vast body of water to the west. And that geographical location is found at our backyard, at the Clearwater Beach across the Bay. And that was what we set out to do yesterday. After checking the Internet earlier in the day, my bro announced that the sun would set at 8.15pm.

So we left our home at 6.30pm, driving along I-275 and then S60, crossing the Clearwater Bridge, and arriving at our destination at 7.30pm. It was still bright, but without the torrid afternoon heat, purportedly reaching a high of 91 degree F.

Some of us frolicked in the surf, while others preferred the dryness and soft feel of the beach, scanning the scenery seaward, landward, skyward. When the moment came, we marveled at the sun dropping out of sight under the Gulf of Mexico, but still illuminating the sky with a crimson orange glow. Here then are the pictorial moments, our moods captured, and the wonder of nature frozen in time.

The belles of the Lee Family, taking to water like ducklings.

On the other hand, the men (except for yours truly and Dan) staked their claim on dry land, perhaps keeping a lookout for ...

The love birds posing at the water edge

The setting sun silhouetting, the surf caressing, and the lone bird gliding.

The lady of the house holding the sun in her palm, achieving the seemingly impossible.

The horizon forming a tangent to the sun, a fleeting, but recurring, moment of geometrical touch.

And then it's twilight, ushering in sun rise on another part of the world.

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