Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Kings and the Spidey, at Channelside

Prior to the "assault" on the Clearwater Beach, thrice over the 10-day stretch that made up our D and Dan's visit to Tampa (read here for one of these visits), we also brought them to the Channelside where we watched Spidey the Third (inspired by Shrek the III) on IMAX. My bro and elder S (who has seen the movie in Malaysia, and yes, the film premiered overseas first before it was launched here in US) deciced to give the movie a pass. Instead, they took the tram to Ybor City.

While there, we also had a earful of Elvis's songs serenaded by Elvis-wannabes, who were there for the Elvis Song Contest. I remarked to my wife that I've never seen so many sideburns at one place. There was even a kid Elvis, but minus the sideburn, who gyrated with a mini-guitar in hand.

Huddle time, with sun glasses to boot.

Not sure whether this particular singer won the contest, but he sure can move like the King.

Toby Mcquire, variously aka Peter Parker and Spidey, was great. Topher Grace, on the other hand as Venom, was too much pointy teeth for me. My wife complained about the sound effect being too loud, but otherwise enjoyed the movie that shows that we are all fundamentally good people, but do succumb to external agents, in this case, some alien fluid-like substance, now and then.

Even the sandman was a victim of circumstances, and junior Green Goblin realized his vengeful pretenses. While the Topher Grace character was perhaps pitiful, being consumed by his own craving for recognition through chicanery, I really don't see the point why he should be made (by the director of course) to plunge himself back into the fold of the evil black ooze, a symbolic and poignant act of self-destruction, after being "rescued" by Spidey. Well, maybe the director is just being realistic to the fact that in this imperfect world of ours, some of us are bound (or doomed?) to fall through the crack.

But to me, the take home message is clear:

We make a lot of choices in life, but we always have the choice to do good.

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