Saturday, December 23, 2006

Wisdom: Humility; Growth; Contentment; Self-Assuredness

This is the second installment of the Buddhist Wisdom series, which started yesterday. So having mulled over them for the past, eh, several hours taking into count time for sleep, any thoughts? Lest you think that there may even be an iota of hedonistic streak in some of them as sometimes words like carefree tend to invoke, banish that thought right this minute. Being free-spirited does not imply a lack of self-control or getting a license for earthly indulgence. Rather, it’s a stamp of approval that one has come of age, an age that places others before self. Read on and you will find that these positive states of mind as embodied are mutually reinforcing, spirally upward in a virtuous cycle.

There is no need to show off, so that others could feel the touch of your magnanimity.
There is no need to seek fame, so that we could reserve the freedom to be flexible at will.

Keep friends at a distance, so as to grant each other space for uncluttered roaming.
Refrain from pampering, so that others might grow toward independence.

Accept our very own mediocrity and imperfection, then we would not stumble into a stonewall in this imperfect world.

When we are able to discover the inner moral compass in us, we don’t have to be fearful anymore; neither are we prone to self doubt. We can then accept, upgrade, reassure, and love ourselves.

Stay tuned for the last installment, and mull some more in the meantime.

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