Friday, August 20, 2010

Glimpses of Nature and the Built Environment

While we cannot forestall development for the sake of progress, we certainly do not need, and cannot afford anyway, to let development frittle away the riches of nature. I have tried to catch the juxtaposition of these built and the natural environments, sometimes in a rather comical way by chance, on film of course.

I have picked a dozen or so of these images, and rendered each of them with captions that would, hopefully, evoke in you a sense of nostalgia, deja vu, comic relief, or some other sentiments that just missed me totally.

Captioning is an artform the timeliness, the relevance, and the poignancy of which seems to grow with the age of caption dabblers as our experiential base expands with our constant wrestling with life's many challenges. Certainly reading and travelling widely would infuse perspectives that will escape even the most astute of the home-bound observers. In this respect, I would very much like to hear from you your own renditions as a sharing adventure. Let the fun begin.

Bouquets of clouds drifting toward my home ... This is the starting lyrics of a popular Chinese children song that we sang while in elementary school. Those were care-free rustic days ...

A climb to nowhere or a giant white hat?

Boy, it's difficult to find anythng to eat on this hard surface.

"No argument there, pal. But what about that stuff by your side? Don't they look yummy?" (in reply to the birdie above)

Hooray, the light beacon.

Watch out, giant light bulb in front.

Hanging loose.

Control Tower to pilot: Follow the skylight to get out of the storm cloud. Oops, scratch that, the light is out. In that case, use human pilot.

Giant earth-bound arms in sync. Result: beautiful sunset.

Giant earth-bounds arms at odd. Result: Storm brewing.

(Development =) Prosperity and Leafless trees (=renewal).

The way I see it. You have two choices. Go down the ladder or the chute. Which is it going to be?

Camouflage, of the avian kind.

What are you gawking at? At least I'm more real than that guy hanging on the top right, though only one guy (yours truly) shoots at me.

Yes, ladies, I can jump.

Don't mess with my watch.

Broken wings.

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Lee Wei Joo said...

What a nice collection of vignettes to make us stop and smell the roses!