Sunday, October 04, 2009

Discovering Nature

We completed one out of three discoveries offered at the Florida Botanical Gardens located off Ulmerton Road, Largo this morning: Nature. For Art, presented at the Gulf Coast Museum of Art, and History to be experienced at the Heritage Village, the newest of the three, they will have to await our next trip. We were at hand to watch the gardens grow, to witness the symbiosis that exists, and to marvel at the richness of nature unfolding by "taking a refreshing pause in nature and enjoying a pleasant walk though 150 acres of formal gardens, scenic landscapes, and native habitats", as the brochure beckons invitingly. Admission is free, at least for the nature discovery part, and the exercise in coursing through the garden maze really does the body good.

While you may not have been there, let me help you out by guiding you through a digital display of captured sights that will surely nudge you into seeing them for yourself.

Wify, the chief architect of the visit, by the flower hedge along the bridge railing.

The tree portal fronting one of the three bridges crossing McKay Creek that runs through the heart of the Gardens. And the sky seems to be lending its own fireworks to the occasion.

The Oak wearing a skirt of ferns.

"Mushrooms" on tree. Maybe not.

Bumper harvest.

The leaves look like they have gone through a shredder. Wonder what secrets have been exterminated.

Free falling.

Weighing down.

Random bloom.

Breaking though the phalanx.

Mutual admiration.



Peaceful coexistence.

Bee at work.

Bee at rest?

Dandy stop.

On solid ground.

Easy does it.

Picture perfect, if you miss it. (we rewarded ourselves at the China Pearl Super Buffet located along Dale Mabry Highway and the painting appears on the wall of the front office.)


Lee Wei Joo said...

Beautiful and enchanting account! The photos are certainly entertaining and simply gorgeous!

Hilton said...

Really nice post, Say. Loved all the pictures.