Saturday, December 20, 2008

A New Lease of Life, the Fickled-Minded, and the Discerning

I have a new work station, yet not costing me an arm and a leg, but just by rearranging things around and resurrecting things kept away for good, and so I thought. We used to have a Compaq Presario that was retired last year because it was acting up, rebooting by itself at the most inconvenient of time, causing grief in the process. Then recently we bought a 28" LCD Monitor, the largest of its kind as far as I know, of I-INC make, from CompUSA shortly after we upgraded our cable TV service to HDTV, ostensibly to be used as a HDTV (our present one is an analog make but still working fine). However, it can also double as a computer monitor, if only I had an extra computer to hook up to. And buying a new desktop seems redundant (though I'm sharing one with Wify).

So I ferreted out that retired computer, thinking perhaps a more than one year hibernation would have kept it even-tempered by now. So it was back to the living room, and it has not yet missed a beat since it launched its second life, much to my joy. So there it is, my new workstation entirely to myself, and since we have a 4-way router, my own internet connection as well (leaving the other three nodes for Wify, WT and CE). One happy surfing family.

The printer under the table is still unpacked, awaiting WT's deft hands for hook-up.

This is the very first blog done using the newly reinstated computer, and the display is huge, though glaring a bit.

Lately, the weather has gone a bit crazy, alternating between cold and crisp, warm and rainy, and foggy like a white veil draping from sky to ground. I would let the pictures speak for themselves, taken at different times.

This was taken outside WT's dorm when we went to pick him up for the Thanksgiving holidays during one evening on the last week of Nov. Everything was clear and crisp.

This was when we sent WT back after the Thanksgiving holidays several days later. It was raining cats and dogs. The torrents only relented when we reached Gainesville. The "watery" view is not a camara trick. I was just shooting from inside of our van, through the rivulets-filled front screen.

The same view, but after the wiper had done its job, rather admirably.

Same place, but taken this Thursday, when we picked up WT again at the end of his fall semester, thickly shrouded in mist. This was at about 8.45am, the sun still failing to shine through, lending an eeric feel to the scene.

Closer to home, this morning at about 9am. I saw a patch of white through the kitchen window, and decided to test the visibility level. It's bad, I'm supposed to see the traffic light further down the road. The car seemed to be heading toward a big void.

The Sun Dome of USF normally visible behind these trees, at least its top, is entirely white-outed.

Taken this Thursday enroute home from Gainesville, just further down the road from UF. I guess this would only happen in Gator Country, foretelling the outcome of the National Collegiate Football Championship Game between the Gators and the Sooners of U. Oklahoma to be played in Miami on January 8, 2008. But shouldn't it be "LOSES THE BATTLE ...", a case of homonymic misidentity? Then Wify came up with a fresh perspective. The "SOONER" is actually used in the comparative sense, leaving "OKLAHOMA" to represent the Sooners. And suddenly the whole things makes sense to me. And I had a jaw-drop moment. Me and my analytical mind, and yet I missed the missing s ... Or when you don't see, you just don't see.


Lee Wei Joo said...

I hope you will all enjoy a great holiday and have a wonderful Merry Xmas!

Lee Wei Joo said...

And I forgot to add, Happy Dong Zhi for all of us as well. A time for family.

Kitty Girl said...

What is Dong Zhi?

Hm, and I bet us Oregonians were the only ones who thought our weather was weird... That is great that you have your own computer station now! Although I still think the house could look a lot neater........ *ahem*

Say Lee said...

Dong Zhi is the equivalent of the Winter's Solstice in the west and is celebrated in China, Korea, Japan, Vietnam on Dec 22 to mark the Winter's Extreme (literal translation) by eating rice balls. It is explained in greater details here.

As for the house being neater, we are looking forward to your next stay with us, perhaps a much longer one to turn our house into the paragon of neatness. We are waiting ...

Wendy Folse said...

Thanks for a lik to my article. I am glad to see that you enjoyed it. Your photos are beautiful.

Keep Inspired!

Wendy Folse

Say Lee said...

Thanks, Wendy, for visiting and your kind words. I realize that the link to your article was actually made in my blog article just before this here.

Thanks for sharing the fruits of your photographic journey with us.