Saturday, June 14, 2008

Hand-made Cards that Make Our Day

While Mother's Day was celebrated last month, June ushers in Father's Day, celebrating the other half of the parental edifice. From being children ourselves, we have assumed the role of parents, not once, but four times as our household expanded. Now our two youngest are already in college, paving their way to become independent adults.

From bearing gifts to our parents, we have now become recipients in our own right. As parents, seeing our children grow up to become responsible adults is the best gift that we could ever get.

Each of our children has a different disposition. So are the ways they display affection, following the general pattern that daughters usually take after their mom and vice versa. Being perhaps the most expressive and creative of our children, CY sent a self-made card each to wify and me on the above occasions, along with other gifts driven by her uncanny sense of our preferences, and her perception of what we needed the most at this stage of our life. But nothing beats the hand-made cards and the messages thereon.

Here I would like to share the cards she has made for us while leaving the messages private for Mom and Dad to savor. You can see that CY really takes after her Mom in creating pictures out of imagination. We are really blessed to have our children turning up the way they are.

For Mom.

For Dad.


Lee Wei Joo said...

And a happy father's day from me to you dad. Many things are unspoken but understood, and I cherish you dearly. Here's one for my dad who is a great rock for the family and always puts us first.

Say Lee said...

Thanks, son.

You all have made the efforts worthwhile. And for that we all have your Mom to thank for.

Kitty Girl said...

:D I am so happy you liked your giftie parcel! :D Put those pedometers to good use! Brian's company started a fitness program and gave everybody pedometers, and I said I had been meaning to get one myself for a long time, and so he bought one for me too, except I broke the clip off of mine, but anyway-- :D They are good!!! Record your number every night and aim for 10,000 steps a day! You can look online for walking tips and pedometer tips and the great health benefits of walking a lot everyday. :D Happy Dad's Day from Brian & me!!! (And Bacon!)