Friday, March 14, 2008

Then there are two ...

Because the Malaysian people have spoken. And boy, did they ever speak. Through the best “weapon” in a democracy, one's vote, when all things seemed to have failed. The wind of change that swept the political landscape has been likened to a tsunami. While the tragic 2004 South Asian Tsunami only wrought havoc on the northwest part of Peninsular Malaysia, the political version bore right into the heartland, wrestling the control of another four states (out of a total of 13) from the ruling party, thus becoming a veritable opposition to be reckoned with.

The two bloggers whom I have mentioned here won their contests, symbolizing the rise of the champions of netizens. A significant victory for the opposition is denying the two-thirds majority in the Parliament, paving the way for more rational and comprehensive debate before a bill can be bulldozed through.

Of note is the prevailing of cool heads. No excessive celebration on the part of the winners, taking the new mandate in humility. At the same time, the vanquished has taken the defeat in stride, planning to hunker down for the next four years in order to return more forcefully.

Next up is the presidential election in Taiwan, after the last face-off in a public debate between the two contestants before D-day, which is next week.

As for the US Democrats presidential nomination, the race is still an entrenched one. On the Republican side, with his party nomination assured, John McCain is getting down to the business of selecting a running mate. Will the attrition war at the Democrats camp hurt its nominee come the Primary in November? Or will the luxury of being able to focus on the foe outside early on favor the Republicans? Only time will tell, to borrow a cliché.

On a happy note, my colleagues at the office help celebrate my Birthday on the day before last, serving my favorite carrot cake. And a nicely picked birthday card to boot. Thanks, guys.

The inside of the card spotted all the lovely hand-written greetings from my colleagues, ranging from the dutiful Happy B-day to to the more creative variety such as "Just remember, once you're over the Hill you begin to pick up speed." How sobering! The momentum will just take care of itself.

And the fish image at the top has a special relevance too. My zodiac sign is Pisces.

And today is Pi day, it being March 14, or 3.14. For those of you who are not mathematically or scientifically inclined, it is also the birthday of Albert Einstein. He would have been 129 years young!


ONEDIA said...

Best wishes to you on the anniversary of your birth. My daughter, father, and father-by-marriage are all Pisces with birthdays on 4, 5, and 17th. All are special people as I think are you.

I am honored by the inclusion of a link to my page on yours. Thank you.

Say Lee said...

Thanks, Onedia, though at my age, everyday well-lived is worth celebrating.