Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Some things are directional, some are not ...

This is a special request from wify to post her drawings here, as opposed to her own, as purportedly mine seems to enjoy a wider readership (or visitorship?). Her affinity for drawing has escalated to such an extent that she plans to draw on a daily basis, which means a busy time ahead for me. But who is complaining?

This installment of drawings is still based on (but see exception below) A Book of Cut Flowers by Sheila Okun (Gallery Book, 1988). Perhaps in time to come she will venture out on her own, like the orchids below, which she drew on her own. But I think that is a logical progression, even though I'm your typical guy outside the door (this is a Chinese phrase liberally translated) when it comes to drawing.

As an aside, we gained an hour last Sunday, an annual ritual of spring forward and fall back, the time that is. So we are now 13 hrs behind Malaysian time, a fact to bear in mind so that we would not disturb the Malaysian folks from sleep when we call.

Oh yeah, WJ reached home safely, though delayed by two hours in LA. He managed to get air-borne in the wee hours of the morning, on a flight that would take him practically half way around the world. I just checked the world map on our wall, we are at Longtitude 82 deg W, and Malaysia is about 101 deg E, a difference of 183 deg, about half of a round trip. That means, distance-wise, going back via the Atlantic/Europe/Middle East would cover about the same distance. But I was told that any flight that goes through Europe is likely more expensive.

Talking about a trip round the world, of my several trips to US, only once did I go through the Atlantic. It was in 1989 when I flew to Washington DC to participate in a 2-week EPA-sponsored study trip on climate change. But I did make a round trip, though with breaks. It was 1996. I first flew to Orlando across the Pacific to attend the International Coastal Engineering Conference. At the end of the week, I continued across the Atlantic to Zurich to attend the Hydroinformatics Conference, and came home to Malaysia going eastbound.

Anyway, back to wify's drawings, where the imagination can fly just in any direction. Enjoy!
Centaurea. Looks like dandelions, but perhaps not bluish.

Euphorbia. Could have been euphoria for all we know.

Lilium. I call it our family flower. Li, Lee, get it?

Monkshood. A buddhist flavor, perhaps?

Zantedeschia. This is wify's favorite. So elegant and graceful.
Orchids. I guess if you have seen and drawn enough, the hand just traces out what's in the mind.


Release Lives said...

it's very very beautiful....

I enjoy it, all great

my favorite is the first because I love the blue flower, it is so cute, the way flower was drawn..

and the last, I think the yellow flowers goes with the purpleish blue flower very well.

keep up the great job. ^__^

Kitty Girl said...

Beautiful! Good work, Mom!! (and Dad, for posting them!)

projectmanager said...

Excellent, keep it up.

Say Lee said...

Thank you all for the kind words. Remember to visit her blog every Friday/Saturday.