Saturday, August 25, 2007

A New Header is Born

Yey, I have a new header, courtesy of my elder daughter. Taking up her offer of her newly developed skill in header design, I have challenged her to come up with one that is relevant to the theme of my blog, one full of atypically pleasant surprises.

And she has proffered four alternatives here for our selection. Since my favorite color is blue and the white lettering contrasts well over the blue, like a painted tapestry fluttering in the sky, soaring over the tree tops, the choice has not been difficult.

So until the next whim hits, this header shall stay. And stay it will for a while, since the old one (actually it consisted of some texts only) has been there for about eleven months.


Dan Johnson said...

Yes, I too have been offered the fine services of CY. I like the new header, blue is my favorite color too. I think she may have discovered a new hobby. I'm sure we all look forward to future creations.

Kitty Girl said...

Heh heh heh, lookin' good!!!