Saturday, April 07, 2007

A Solar Blast From the Recent Past

Three years two months and some change. That’s how long we have lived near Old Hyde Park. During the last week of stay there at the end of March, my wife took pictures of the different hues of sunrise along the Bayshore Boulevard. And as a memento of us ever setting foot on this place on earth, we would like to dedicate this blog to the many moods of nature as a befitting montage (though in separate pieces) of images that we would like to remember our brief visit there by.

Now that we are no more living next to the Bay’s edge, we will have to drive some distance to experience a similar visual tapestry at the distant horizon. But we can always revisit this blog, the vivid mood swings of the skyscape, sometimes azure, sometimes darkened, and at times cloudy captured in still form, frozen in time, and yet dynamic when viewed in succession. Here we go, in no particular order, chronolohically or otherwise:

At day break, a gradual transition of the orange shrouding the land boundary layer to the azure sky as the backdrop to the sentinel lookalikes, seemingly standing guard over the automobile stream.

The sunrise just about to break loose from below the horizon, streaking the cloud formation and backlighting the sea gulls on their morning forays.

This is a rare occasion of (barely concealed) calm before the tempest,
the lone centurion steadfast against the intricate interplay of gossamer apparitions.

Then it's back to the white fluffy softness underscored by linear horizontal tracks of gray, evincing a rather mixed emotional state.

The still linear but increasingly thicker gray gradually angling upward,
now enveloping more of the sky but failing to block out the ever penetrating sun rays.

The ensemble of lights: artificial, the dawn, and a speck of moon.
And yes, that's the moon and the other grains are raindrops.
There was a light drizzle in the air, a rare sight in the morning.

Have had enough of the sunrise? How about a sunset just for contrast?

Going west toward St. Pete on an overcast day dominated by the low level gray clouds,
with sun rays streaking through fan-like.

So there you have it. The vagaries of nature, the vicissitude of life, and the mutability of life's fortunes.


Kitty Girl said...

Beautiful!I particularly like Picture #3, with the lone palm tree. You should order large prints (available at and frame them as home decor!

Say Lee said...

That one looks like a brush painting. And for Mom to "catch" it while in a moving car is really fortuitous.